Where do you want or need to live in Wanchai, Hong Kong?


This first section will focus on areas and things you might want to consider when choosing the location of Wanchai apartments rental. The location of your work place; place of study, is likely to influence greatly the location of the apartment you eventually choose. Having said that, the convenience and low-ticket prices of an excellent MTR system, combined with thousands of cheap reliable taxis, allow daily commuters a much wider choice of locations in and around the city. 


The best way to experience the feel of a specific area in Wanchai and check out available amenities, is to go there and see for yourself what the place has to offer. To do this, you could travel , the district you have in mind and take a stroll through some of the communities that exist there, or even better, if you can stay in a hotel for a few days in the area that interests you.


While doing this, bear in mind that if you decide to live in that particular area, you Will commute daily to and from that location, so a trial run on the MTR or in a taxi would be a useful exercise in testing the convenience of local transportation. Be aware however, there is a very -true well-known saying used in Wanchai, “Taxis dissolve in water", meaning, if it rains, you will never find one, so you shouldn't rely on them completely as your main mode of transport.


It's also worth remembering that if you can find an apartment close to a MTR station, you will find it even more convenient to travel anywhere in Wanchai. If you are not sure where you would like to be, you can ask colleagues or Chinese friends where they are living at the moment and then check out those areas for yourself. You can also seek help and advice from local property agents, some of which specialize in expatriate housing.


Although it's reasonable to accept that everyone has their own idea of what the local community should offer, there are some basic criteria you might want to consider as important, et least for the sake of convenience. Although local convenience stores are plentiful and great for basic supplies or a quick snack, your choice of products will be very limited, and they don't normally stock fruit and vegetables. If your aim is to cook at home; once you have your own apartments in Hong Kong, you will need to check on traveling time/distance to the nearest large supermarket, bearing in mind you might be using the MTR/taxi to get there. Even better if it's within walking distance. 


In your neighbourhood you may also discover an indoor market, stocked with cheap meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, although you should also notice many fruit shops along most streets. If you are more inclined to eat out on a regular basis, there should also be a good range of small restaurants and cafes close by. Also, be sure to check out the distance and location of the nearest MTR station, bus stop and a taxi stand or a route frequented by taxis periodically. A bustling community silould have all of these and more, including clothes shops, banks, pharmacies, parks, or even a shopping mall right on your doorstep. The next section will focus on specific areas where you can expect to find most; if not all, of the above. 


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