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It was a really relaxing afternoon with two friends hanging out to the most residential place; we are surrounded by the neighbors and actually the cafe is inheriting the Taiwanese Cafe style, which provides a slow atmosphere, very good price for afternoon tea time, free-flow drinks, and even when we checked out the dinner menu, it was very impressive in its good presentation, wide collection of Asian and European cuisine, and unbeatable price!!!

Fried mushrooms and vegetables with XO sauce $50

It was amazing with the intensive flavor given by the XO sauce, a bit salty and a bit sweet. The colored mushrooms and other vegetables are just fresh and soft.

Korean-style baked cheese & kimchi chicken $75

The amazing main course in the dinner menu, which is featured in Korean style. Cheese and Kimchi, on the super hot stone tray, we were overseeing the cheese being boiled, and melting like a lively volcano!!! Such exciting we were at that moment. And the kimchi chicken was amazing in its taste; it was interesting to even take the dish by wrapping the half-hardened cheese onto the kimchi chicken, to create a super evil bite! Well, you might be curious what's that overburned looking stuff, it's the bottom layer of the cheese; the theory of why I love it, is simply the same as I love the crispy hard and little over-burned rice in the famous can-pot rice in Temple Street :P

German-style roasted beer chicken $91

I appreciated a lot on the very crispy and dried roasted chicken, which also contained the bit-able bones!!!

During this new shop promotion period, free-flow drinks including coffee (Neste), hot chocolate, hot tea, iced soft drinks are offered in the afternoon tea time; as standard, per purchase of dinner menu (main course) would be packed with the free-flow drink service. It is the real style of afternoon tea and Cafe! And the coffee's quality is actually over my expectation.

Korean-style red bean toast $30 (afternoon tea)

Afternoon tea cannot miss the desserts! Their featured toast has different flavors ranged from the Hongkong basic style till some Japanese/Korean style. And this red bean & honey toast, was recommended for the very light and good-taste cream on the top and well-done toast.

Cafe 1950

1/F, Mei Lam Estate Shopping Arcade
Tai Wai

Mon to Sun. 7am - 11pm

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