Analyze the spectrum of white LED (led spectrum)

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Hello there. I want to show you the spectral differences of different whites. Our viz LED 30 to 30 represent colors. Before I want to show that the spectrum is different, the color temperature is about 3000 to 3200 Kelvin. , Then it gets warmer, and then the LED lights up for about four seconds. Five thousand Kelvin, which is neutral white, then walked 6000k here.


Now, I open it first and then level the Carpathian Mountains. If the data stabilizes, let's look at the screen. This is our white spectrum. About the warmth of LEDs. Starting from 3000 to 3200, we can see obvious appointment dates. The date is captured here. Yasen Green. red. One elf is not enough. The spectrogram here is very good. Of course not much, but on the contrary, the distance here 15 20 20 almost produces 7 watts of micromole per meter, but now I will open the white or even 4000 Kelvin spectrogram data, and now we will see that blue and green are added to the red area The amplitude has decreased slightly but at the same time slightly higher than 70 microwatts and 33 micromoles. The third cold data now updated is about 23 micromoles and seven and a half watts of the spectrum.

We see the date bluer here. In other words, for this type of data, you can streamline the system as you design it. There are white LEDs, but as we have already seen, interesting white LEDs increase plant light when adding a broad spectrum, because there is no clear beer, but the blue has a peak, but it is still quite a bit. We cover areas that may be interesting. Different types of plants are susceptible to orange. The green area is red. I will still reveal a little secret. Good indoor lighting, white LED has a good indication of color reproduction times, but now all content on the data device is disturbed. Reflection means, but for us, plant goals are better for me.

Under the halo, the age factor of each LED is considered very bad. Below 0, 8 below 80, they respectively have gram spectra and will shift in this area. Red will be less green, but it will be more common. But you can still use all the data in the future.

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