How far should the LED plant growth lamp be?

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First of all, no matter what type of LED light you buy, you must follow the manufacturer's recommendations, so we have many questions about the LED's recommended suspension spreader because each LED has a specific angle at a specific height, and the manufacturer The design can cover a certain height area, so please check the manufacturer's recommendations first.


Usually, you have a much wider Waterproof LED Grow Light. This spider-like design can be very close to plants, but the light intensity is low and the distribution is even. Wider When you use higher power, their power will increase rapidly, and other lamps that directly replace HPS tend to be more powerful and have a larger focusing angle, so you must have a higher headroom. In general, if your lamps have a fixed power level, in other words, they are not the only way to change the factory-level light intensity by dimming is to increase or decrease the light intensity. At higher suspension heights, the brightness will be much lower. If you have heard of the inverse square law (if it rises 3 feet, it is actually 9 times less light), it is a factor of the square, so it will quickly lose power when it rises, and it is not adjustable for fixed spectrum light. If the light is dimmed, you can use the height adjustment brightness.

You can keep the light in the same position where the controller actually dims, depending on the light intensity you want to discuss. I want to discuss the shape of the lamps and lanterns because some LED lamps have a very narrow-angle and are designed to replace HBS lamps. They are higher than most LED lamps. Because your angle is small and the power is high, the recommended height is usually about 36 inches. If the distance is closer, this will provide you with the designated coverage area, especially when our distance is less than 24 inches. Something like Bernie may appear on the plant, you will notice that it is assembled too far away because if extreme solar activity is performed, many parts of the center of the leaf will turn white, which is a fixed spectrum, not Darkening, the hanging height is very important, but its angle is very wide, so if the tent's reflective wall can reflect almost any light, then you can get a level up to a distance of 12 to 24 inches depending on the intensity because you won't lose any light, The light will be reflected back. If you can put the reflective wall higher, you may not always get better, so that light from more angles will wear more evenly. It will penetrate into the canopy, so ordinary reflective walls will reflect upwards so that the reflection brings you a uniform spectrum.

If you don’t have a reflective wall, adjust the spectrum as close as possible without burning plants. Therefore, it is important that if you do not dim your work, you need to raise and lower the light to surround different growth stages. Obviously, the higher the required light intensity, the lower the light intensity, so the higher the required light intensity, the closer to the edge, and then the closer, the better, without burning the plants in the flowers. For the solar system, if you want to breed or premature vegetables, it is recommended that you choose the appropriate height, about 48 inches, and then enter the early vegetables, you can place them between 36 to 48 inches of ordinary vegetables, and 36 inches is the appropriate height, And then lower it from 24 inches to 36 inches, and then lower to close to 24 inches for pre-flowering, but you must be careful to avoid burning in the center, so you may only need to observe the extreme response of the current plant to the sun (angle Slightly wider, can be approached)

When spreading, we recommend increasing it from Full spectrum led grow light 24 inches to 36 inches so that the early vegetables can be increased from 24 inches to 36 inches and the flower bed from 24 inches to 24 inches Blue to about 36 inches m, and then can be like When cl reaches the same height of 18 to 24 inches, please pay attention to the reaction of the plants again, even if there is no middle Bernie, they should be evenly covered, so this is a general sign of hanging highlands.

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