How long does the seedling need to stay illuminated

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Hello everyone, the question we are going to answer today is how long should my seedlings stay in the light, so the light time of the greenhouse LED Grow light seedlings is a major question that everyone should answer. For most crops, it usually takes 12 By 12 18 hours, if you put the seedlings in, you must turn on a light somewhere in the range for 12 hours or 18 hours. Now you can use many different seedlings to turn on the light for up to 24 hours, but this is a warning, it depends on two things, depending on the cost of lighting and the cost of real estate, so if you only have one seedling in the system or area , You can plant these seedlings outside of your precious space and then plant them in your seedling system. On the other hand, you have to consider this as a cost. You have light, and electricity is also a cost, so if you plant seedlings in many places, you can withstand shorter sunlight. time.

Reduce the light intensity to make these seedlings move more slowly, but if you are in a place with high real estate costs and limited rack space, the seedling space is limited. You want to provide more light and move the seedlings faster, so these two Important aspect. Think of a grower. You care about more space or electricity usage. For Agrotech Agrotech here, we have almost eliminated the differences, and the differences between us have almost eliminated the most, so please carefully consider the real estate cost or lighting cost that is most important to you (if you are a home grower and are small Scale planting, and you don’t do it) Really care about real estate costs or lighting costs, and then color me, usually just say it once, so I need to open it every day. You can turn on the light for 18 hours a day, or even 24 hours a day, 20 days a day, and you can move the seedlings a bit.


Now, I want to tell you that for most crops, you just don’t want to harvest more crops within 24 hours. You will be 18 years old. Well, this is the reality, 18 will usually start to maximize its growth, so usually if you plan to close them. If you know whether it’s inconvenient to turn off these lights for 18 hours a day, please make sure that there is good air circulation there and you will be very satisfied with the production, so the last thing to consider is whether you work 12 hours a day and you are in such good protection In the environment of sex seedlings, you will want to harden those seedlings that usually harden before entering the main system. This usually means getting them accustomed to lowering the humidity and accustoming them to refrigerating that kind of seeds, but basically It makes them accustomed to light. The experience I will encounter in the main system transplantation has a great impact on these seedlings, so they will be shocked and will slow down their growth. When they first entered the producer, the growth rate was not so fast. This is important because it reduces overall productivity. Therefore, you want to minimize the impact, and the way to do this is to increase the light and reduce the humidity. , To make our seedling system variables closer to the main system variables, because we are getting closer and closer to the transplanting day, so it is very important to consider this, because it may mean you need to switch the light time from 12 hours to 18 hours. The relative humidity needs to be lowered from 100% to 70 or 60 to ensure that when the seedling enters the growth system from the seedling, it will not receive too much impact.

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