What is light depth?

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I keep asking Guangde's light? In this example, optical DEP refers to the short-term phenomenon of light deprivation. We are talking about cannabis led grow lights, so you are in a vegetarian state and are growing cannabis. You have a photoperiod of 24 hours or a photoperiod of 18 hours and a photoperiod of 20 hours.


No matter what you do, just tap the switch carefully to keep it engaged, which means you will deprive the plants of light so they will turn into flowers, which is another way of saying. Outside, we have about 14 hours of sunshine, and sometimes 16 hours of sunshine in May and June. This is when you want to stop the plant outside for a full cycle, so like I said, mild deprivation will cover the plant like a tarp to turn off the sun and darken the greenhouse, so you can adjust to make the greenhouse The time to dim so that it can last for 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, so DEP just takes away the light, which means a lot, I don’t think many people understand it, so you know it’s six o’clock The sun was up, so I had already put down the tarpaulin at 7 o'clock, then Denise lit it up, then opened the tarpaulin at 7:12 in the evening, and it was dark for 12 hours.


This is the result you can reap. Before this season, we know that everyone knows that this is a dry time, and my Lysol is a drought in June, so the deprivation of light can indeed make us experience drought earlier. There is some work to understand, thank you

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