How much cannabis can we grow without LED lights?

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Hello everyone, today I will try to grow hemp plants without using hemp. I want to put this plant in front of the window. On my balcony, we will see how much hemp can be grown. It’s a bit expensive for those who want to enter the world of hydroponics technology, so I want to tell everyone that without lights, all we can do is use sunlight to grow hemp, let’s start, I’ll start with my seeds I want to use some Tap water Grodan cube and a container with a lid. I want to expand the growth and the small holes in the cube to ensure that my seeds have room for germination and grow into the water, just like ordinary tap water. I wait until all the bubbles leave the cube from here, We just need to put the seeds in. The pore in rock wool material in the growing tea and the growing cube will absorb water. It retains moisture and provides it to seeds as needed. The seeds will eventually germinate. I move the cube into a container with a lid. The lid will help retain moisture. Be trapped in it to prevent the growth from drying out. I am really good. This method was successfully started with hemp seeds. The next day, I have seen the germination, I moved it to the window so that it can get in the light and make your plants important. Glow quickly so as not to grow too fast and these plants will become weak. , Cannot grow after the 5th day.

Here we have the first signs of the root. This grodan cube is difficult to maintain. This cube is damp, so I want to put this plant in the reservoir. I want to put my plant in it and paint the jar to prevent light from entering my nutrient solution which will cause algae With the growth, the neck at the top can extend the roots and touch the water below me, thus keeping the water on the horizontal cube and keeping the neck upward. If it enters the cube, the cube will partially absorb water and moisturize through the entire garden cube. My plants will always be able to use water and nutrients, I added some pebbles on it, and I did my best to support the plan. Now I want to speak out, the future harvest is their nutrition company. They reached out to the comment section and sent it to my personal growth box and personal flower box. Now that we have special nutrition products, all stages of hemp additives have a real opportunity to grow special plants, you can find them in the calm of the future harvest, and use the code Jimmy Bee Harvest 10 to get a 10% discount on the purchase. These plants grow through the sunlight from the windows. This will cause them to become truly unbalanced every day. The plants bend themselves to face more. Whenever I see the sun, my plants are always like this. I turned the back of my neck to the sun. After 2 weeks of growth and rotation, the plant grows and rotates.


A node leaf, this plant grows very vigorously, we can see that our roots grow very fast, they are very good healthy white mold, I noticed it started to grow on my Rockwell cube, so I Cut out those cube areas because I only grow in the sun. I was very picky when I first started. My plan is to concentrate these plants around the summer solstice. The longest day of the year. The sunshine time of this plant is from 5.:45 to the sun, and from sunrise, to 3:3 pm 0 Crazy watching the plant will automatically adjust to get more sunlight every day, I sometimes continue to plant some several times a day, I even noticed its growth and prevented it from skewing. This is how my plant looks like 21 days old. Although it is a bit long, it grows very fast and starts to show signs of buds based on the position of its fourth node or leaf.


These small buds or calyxes are nodes that develop at the roots of these leaves, and their hairs appear to be structured from them. This means this is a pistol. At this time, the female plants are no longer potted plants. You will see that the root structure and content of the bottom pots are very limited, and their ability to develop further. I moved the plants to a five-gallon bucket. There is a lot of room for development, and then I moved to the factory. I was less than 4 years old at the time and only returned to the window after a few weeks. I think it’s time to move. I wanted to plant it on the balcony to prevent the windows from being exposed to direct sunlight, but I hesitated to follow him. On arrival, I moved it out of the outdoor balcony too quickly. It was very windy at the time and I was worried that it would hurt young people.


If the home environment lacks sunlight, it is recommended to use LED grow lights. VANQ full-spectrum grow light are more suitable for novices to grow LED lamps. If necessary, you can click the link below: https://www.vanqled.com/, I hope this article can help you plant your favorite plants on your balcony, thank you.

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