The difference between grow light LED and T8

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Well, I will shoot a short video for this LED and t8 fluorescent grille lamp, a person who works better, just to show you the difference between LED and T8, I have to show you something different, so I What I have to bear here is that the feet will not freeze, no longer freeze, which makes it a well-insulated robot, because you can see my t8 fluorescent lamp here, with an aluminum oil cap on the bottom, and then I bought mine LED lights are twelve-watt lights.

I still want to buy it to understand how it works, so I went there, but if I want, it can provide me with one, two, three, four, or five possible five levels, a very neat two-foot t8 Ballast, I have a 3500 okay bulb, our 3000k ball is two I believe instead of 6000k 5000K, so please try to get the red and blue spectrum, of course, to see the exact meaning of the LED light, but anyway, it’s lighting The range is w so as to get red and blue light anyway, then I will have some pictures and slide shows and show you the progress in four, five and six days so you can tell you which The girl’s life is the best, so anyway, so here we plan for four days, this is our job.


The LED lights in the frozen state can see the date listed, and no seedlings appear. I took a close-up of this shot to show that we actually have okra on the t8 fluorescence, so here you will take a close up, which shows that we have planted three-quarters of the seeds so far in four days, So sprouted. The next slide is the okra on the fifth day. I will zoom in and I see that this is the third one passing through the soil from left to right, that is to say, all these LED fixtures will list the LED before t8, which is a huge difference five days after t8, even after The background is for tomatoes, but three days before the completion of 24 hours, we have harvested really germinated plants with very beautiful seeds.


TX left a deep impression on me, because how do they perform on LEDs? In the picture, we have two of the four Oakland plants on tomatoes. If you notice that it is six days later, it is t8, and then you will see that the leaves of the okra look very full, which is actually nine days later. Tilt, I have an LED bulb in the center, so all of them are tilted straight up in the direction of TAS. Obviously, I have more light on the t8 lamps, I just want to see what Walmart’s LED lamps do. I’m sure if I buy three or four LED grow lights, they will do better because as long as the seedlings pop up and promote growth, I can buy these lights for $12. Waiting for t8′s two-legged lamp ballast and lamp ballast, I think it is a ten-dollar lamp or two to three dollars, so basically at the same cost I can get more and more powerful lamps, and can use Different light bulbs to control the spectrum, so I believe TX is definitely suitable for starting sowing and strengthening seedlings

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