Basic knowledge about indoor growth lighting

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I am happy to introduce you some basic knowledge about indoor growth lighting. The first topic is that people don’t know that doing so will reduce costs. Usually, people are used to it. Through the color curve seen here, the human eye cannot see the light growth in this photo, it is as bright as green and yellow light to us. For example, this happens when we want to measure sodium.

It has extremely high value, but plants have not succeeded, so the photosynthetic active radiation of some crops has been measured to measure the light patterns used by plants to take recognized photos. Coincidentally, most plants that use the least lumens are royal plants. When we measure the lumen psuv, we will represent the red part. This part is red and this part is blue. We believe that this is not a plant that is mainly used to grow rice to measure a year of agriculture. There will be many errors.

After that, we turn to the second topic. I am here. This is a scientific verification of gaseous substances with many different spectral effects. We will see the ultraviolet spectrum of vegetable oil production. The blue spectrum reduces cell swelling and shortens the stem. Green has good performance. Infiltration does not produce many other synthesis, but it does help human vision because it is easier to diagnose defects or diseases in plants. Red is more effective than 660 nm photosynthesis, or full of red charge has good photosynthesis, and far-infrared mold 2 plants cause cell swelling. Far-infrared rays are light perceived by plants. For example, when they expand the plant and its penetrating power in the shadow of another plant, the two spectra of our penetrating power are very far red, and the rest absorb blue and red. After we are interested, the superiority of silver leaf is such a measure.

There are two types of measurements. The measured value of pepe efe is the measured value of the total torque directly in the lamp, and ppc is the standard size of the lamp. The unit of reaching the growth space is micromoles per square meter per second. As can be seen from the chart, if you want to measure the peak-to-peak value, we will tell you directly on the light source instead of the peak-to-peak value to tell you the impact of light reaching the cultivated land. The points shown in this picture are well known, and we can explore this in depth. Indeed, the situation has been growing until it is planned to plant seed germination clones from 0 to 250 250 500 for plant growth, or we can enter 750 nanometers without problems. 500 to 1000 energy and nutrition is the sweetest place here. It represents the highest yield in our flora. From now on, plants need to absorb carbon dioxide slightly. Or, if we don’t have the required system, it may not be worth having a weapon of this value or one or two tanks as a necessary weapon, because we will waste electricity and eventually become the object of measurement. Different model companies have been conducting their measurements and different models. This is a very popular stellar type of this model. If we look closely, we can see that the center has all the values it must have.

We are outside and we see that values are being lost. Everyone is like this. They lost a lot of value. When we went out, everything that happened here made me very valuable. Not the center, because the surrounding environment is very harsh. This model appears because it is a good panel. If you add everything to the average, the value will be very good. This will bring me high value, but it is not because we are losing value. Some things that we lost to visualize the chart may be very loose or overheated. No, I do not recommend you to do this. This is a technology that makes you worry-free. Next time we divide by equal quadrants, we take the middle value. In this case, II will mark everything as these new values, so what we have to do is give us a graph like this for calculation, we add up all the values and divide by the number of values, and then take the average if later The measured value is square meters, you can get the average value divided by the lamp consumption, which will bring us efficiency.

Another correct model is the grid type model, which is a functional method, all you have to do is to measure how they work and measure local things at each value point, you have to add up all the values ​​and take the average . This mode allows us to see the way of sticking to the illusion more accurately, which is why I suggest it cramps more, not to mention a lot, it is easier because you have to reduce the measurement, but I recommend doing it well Thanks to the good boss, we want to talk about the materials we will use. After measuring all the wise men, we measured 600 members, and because of the comparison, we measured 600 sodium 600.Faithful to the ratio of 660 to sodium (400:50) on different panels is loyal, let’s get started.

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