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Hello, friends, and welcome to read this article. Today's topic is about marijuana LED grow light plants. We will see at a glance what kind of lights, which stage, and which kind of lighting are suitable and give a special introduction to LED technology.


Welcome to the first one you can even choose bulbs to grow regular hemp. marijuana cultivation is the best fluorescent energy-saving lamp. Allergy wipes and sodium vapor lamps. In the past few years, we have also used LED lights to distinguish lights, mainly between the book period and the flowering period. I will also turn on the led lights. The conclusion is that the seeds have germinated. The selected media is inserted and the first head is exposed. It takes 18 hours to switch neighbors.




Suitable for this stage. It is best to use energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes. The quantity can also be that there is enough distance between the metal halide light source and the plant, but the light disappears and unnecessary electricity bills are generated at the last purchase. The color temperature is 6500 Kelvin. Represents blue or light blue. Usually, what information is written on the packaging to restrict sunlight? Or it means that the Internet is also a raw material. The Internet is sometimes sold in hardware stores, but then more energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps are inserted into the products. Expected version, and then besides having to buy a little trick from here, I suggest that my personal baby or a small piece of bread crumbs are the Philip Tornado api super energy-saving lamps without proper experience. This is a very economical energy consumption. Enough, according to the power of sprouting one month later, the sprouting or cutting rod will leave until the moment the baby arrives. The little plant grew up like this. The light output is enough light. We must provide vegetation stage. Now, this option is to hang more energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes there, otherwise we will step on higher metal halide lamps around.


This is a ballast. The higher the number, the minimum growth requirement for successful growth is approximately 15,000 lumens per square meter, which is also the number of lumens usually included in the instructions on the Internet packaging. Once we decide to stop growing and blooming first, we have to change it again to reduce the daylight hours by twelve hours a day. We either accept energy-saving lamps in the red spectrum or use sodium vapor lamps and ballasts. It is recommended that energy-saving lamps do not tire of the color spectrum. As mentioned earlier, the 2700 Kelvin sodium vapor lamp has been fully used. Due to the correct distance between the lights, we have to pay attention to the plants. This is a brief overview of one of them. Plant lighting innovations have provided led lights for schizophrenia. Therefore, I just want to briefly outline the advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the advantages here. The biggest advantage is that good LEDs can reduce power consumption. Nazi steam power only used half of the bulbs. This means that you can easily mark the grams per watt, and you can easily mark them, and usually requires heat, just plug the plug into the socket, and you can insert the switch into the book to change the flower. It sounds pretty good. Of course, there are also big disadvantages. Although you can easily buy cheap LEDs from the east, this is not required.



Take performance as an example. Here, we choose a 300 watt LED 600 watt simple sodium vapor lamp to be able to compete, depending on where you live or who can buy it from the seller 900. The final price is as high as 1,000 Euros. It really must be suitable for all people who suit their own decision. It turned out that it was a brief overview of the friend's lamp and lamp selection. If you still need to ask about the basics, please in the comments I tried, I always hope everything is fine. See you later.

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