Natural Light-Indoor LED Plant Growth Light

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Hi, I have more 50-watt girl lights, which I got from my husband. In this project, there are some differences, they actually have a built-in timer, or my previous VANQ LED plant grow light has a mechanical timer there, so this is a good thing, so let’s open the package and see us What do you get like you have three bulbs, we can use a timer to destroy the switch, it looks like you can perform 12 12 hours, maybe 9 hours 3 hours, along this line, we have bulbs here, they are LED lights, They are not pink, like everyone else, I think these are more colors of the sun, which seems strange to me, so all the LEDs are many, so they are very sturdy.




I think you can remove the bottom thing, let's see if we can assemble something, and then let me remove these things, we can start to assemble the thing and see its appearance, so this is the light bulb, they look very cool, just like a normal light bulb, you can also screw it into the accessory and continue the operation. I don't know what the metal parts are called. They are very flexible, so you can basically move them to the object and then move them to any distance you want to leave the plant. You can change it according to its size. Every time you know that a plant grows to a few inches, there are usually some plants that need to be adjusted, so you have to turn up the lights there to move it.



I want to see how bright these things are because my idea is that I put a fish tank on it, but it also shines a bit, so it is looking for a light, so let me see if I can make these things better, so You can see that they are actually yellow lights, it looks like the camera is very bright, we got the correct on/off switch to give you a better understanding of the brightness of these things, so I proceeded with the installation and placed it in the fish tank And then show you how it looks, so this is the fish tank on the fis, I need to change something I might want to fix it here, but I need to put something on the boat so that it can be separated a bit, but As you can see, it is very bright and can even be changed to basically drain from the top, but there is only soil on the top, so water flows underneath, but the soil itself is not too wet, thank you for watching

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