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Today, you will find out if indoor farming is possible, if not, please continue to watch this article. When the location is not what I want, I will try to use home LEDs. Many people are still doing the following research. The available VANQ LED Plant Grow Light will make it possible. It needs so many lumens or check the lamp of the person who uses it, and then check how many lumens the lamp has, some even exceed the appearance of the light, so they check the color temperature of the lamp, that is, the light emitted by the color lamp someone goes there to lead them Family, check the family there, see how many lumens he has, see how much light he has. If you look at the specifications, these household LED lights will have good lumens and light colors and can be used as a good light color for vegetation. People decide to use these tips at home, and of course some people don’t even do it.


The type of bead just took the led light from home and started to use it, but the fact is that there is no knowledge of some people here. The missing things in these puzzles make these people look right, but the thinking makes sense. This is not correct when the result is reached, so it is impossible, why? Because despite the LED light, it still has a light color that can be used in the growth stage of plants and has a lot of lumens. The light she emits is only one color, but these elites do not have this light that is very useful for plants. It is different from the LED lumen. Planting range, so the person in charge of planting can measure the light, the ruler used to measure the visible light of the human eye does not necessarily absorb light, which is why even if there are led lights and the same amount of fire is the leader of the house, he cannot give enough Energy to make plants grow, because people do not absorb the light of the right plants, which is why if family leaders do not work in indoor agriculture, I usually see many people in the plant growth stage a few days ago, sometimes the first It took a week or even longer to make it work, so in the first week there was even a little bit, but it was only then that the plants began to lack light, began to grow big leaves looking for light, and then began to grow to this day. Haven't seen anyone use light bulbs to achieve good results. Therefore, I do not recommend that you use family leaders to achieve good results. For example, a good harvest at home. Leave a comment here. rs will comment on your experience and share it with us so that others can also use this method.


If I see someone living well, I use it to grow crops. I will definitely share with you the gains from the homeowner. My purpose is not to say that you have to buy a thousand reais or $2000 for leadership talent, otherwise, if I can say that you can buy the cheapest led but I can’t talk because it doesn’t work, so I don’t want you to spend it Time, money, energy and other things that can’t serve you, that’s why I don’t recommend you to use household LEDs, but if one day I see LEDs bring good results at home, I will share with you, Because my goal is to keep your green fingers healthy. Yes, my goal is not to sell LEDs. I don't sell LEDs. No profit. Don't tell you, you don't need such expensive LEDs. It is not recommended to summarize the tips of today’s mainstream home videos. Therefore, I do not recommend indoor planting. If you wish, I will not provide you with results. When installing a crane, this technique will be in "Install it indoors". I will leave a link in the description to download the e-book on how to assemble the crane, your indoor farming version 2.0 bro has been improved and updated, you can start to check the equipment used for indoor farming, including what is the best light source for indoor farming And you will also see growth, and then you can make brothers for indoor farming

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